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MANPOWER SERVICES COMPANY (Al Mowarid Al Sareeyaa) is the Largest Manpower Service Company Provider operating from the Al Medina Al Munnawara in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a rapidly expanding organization offering a wide range of Support services in terms of providing Technical & Non-Technical Manpower Services in the area of Hostility, Construction, General Contracting, Industrial Contracting, operation and Shut down Maintenance, Support Janitorial and General Services. In addition to our support services, Al Mowarid provides recruitment for Saudi citizens as well as expatriates. As a result of our continuous pursuit for recognition and devoted customer service, we have secured the confidence and appreciation of our clients. We have qualified and experienced Doctors, Nurses, Engineers, Technicians and ministerial staffs to deliver the best candidates to our clients.


We aim to provide our clients with highly reliable manpower services and job works, the services offered by us include professional workers, skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled labors that will fulfill our clients’ requirements. Our staff is well trained, talented and experienced, which enables to attain the desired objectives.


As one of our main business functions, recruiting happens to be one of our essential areas to help endorse the overall quality of any business; by supplying our clients with talented candidates who help run the business more efficiently and effectively. Quality and safety are the two main aspects Al Mowarid highly believes in and follows in all its processes and procedures. We recruit for four different areas:

  • Hospitality
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Personnel

HR Services

Al Mowarid has at its core, a team of competent, dedicated and motivated employees who straddle most industrial sectors providing management and super vision capability to projects. Our policy is to invest heavily in our people through appraisal, coaching and training at all levels. As a result, we wish to apply the same for our clients. We are focused to consistently improve the (high quality and safety standards) of personnel in order to run a safe and more effective business. Because we strive to maintain quality assurance.

It is the policy of Al Mowarid to:

1. Provide services of the highest possible standards, to satisfy our customer needs, expectations of quality, safety, reliability and service.

2. Assure the best service to customer through effective quality assurance and quality control system

3. Develop good working environment on both the improvement of the company as well as the employees

4. Accomplish quality objectives by establishing, implementing and maintaining a documented effective Quality Assurance System which complies with the requirements.

5. Timely delivery of Services to meet our customer’s requirements

6. Ensure our employees are competent and properly trained so they are better able to serve our customers.

Aim: “Quality is Everybody’s Responsibility”

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Phone Number: + 966 505 311 000

Email: alsareeyaa@yahoo.com


The overall aim of the recruitment and selections process is to obtain the right number and quality of employee’s required to satisfy the human resources need of the organization

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